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Founded in 2015, Flipshare provides services to more than 1000+ customers in India. We are the leading service provider of web application. Flipshare is a start up with a mission to provide unique features and services to the Office which results in Technological and economical growth of the Business.Flipshare is one of the solutions in this way forward where we propose to provide innovative and cost effective of your service to the Business.

PA- Personal Assistant

Easy to get started and use, Your contacts are saved! even if you lose or break your phone!. Tasked is a simple, easy to use, App-based Task. user can keep and manage daily account records.

If you can control your monthly money with Personal Assistant. It is a Free Application For Manage Your Money. Using this application you can prevent flow of money and save it. Useful application for you.

Personal Assistant is an easy solution to keep track of your money. It is a general purpose solution, so it can be used to track money in different scenarios from your pocket money to your company’s in/out;

Office Management

Office Management System is a web based application for Office to maintain their complete activities related to business. This software is very easy to operate and light on system tool to maintain information about Business.

The portal helps shopper to manage, analyze and report extensive data, while saving time by eliminating repeated data entry. It covers all the aspects of business, including administrative, academic and accounting activities. enquiry manager provides the owner a single window for viewing various reports on the business front and also paying staff online.

School Management

School App offers parents a mobile app, which provides them all the information at their fingertips. At the school’s end –School App offers a simple intuitive web interface to manage the communication so school is always in control of what parent’s receive on the app.

Challenge in School Parent communication Today, parents expect to be involved and informed real-time by schools. Schools too want to communicate effectively and timely with parents for whom they use multiple medium – emails, text messages, print media (newsletters) and school diary.

This approach is time consuming and chaotic for both, the school and the parents There is definitely need of a better solution that brings entire communications under one umbrella.


PA- Personal Assistant

Create Group

Manage Contact

Daily Task

Daily Deal

Note List




Bank Cash





Office Management

Sub- Category

Manage Enquiry

Manage Client


Staff Management

Create Groups & Contact

SMS Management

Manage Payment

Manage Expenses

Due Payment Reminder

Manage Notes

School Management

School Login Admin

GCM Push Notification

Manage Student Details

Manage Student Attendance

Manage Exams and Results

Manage Student Reports

Growth chart of student

Events and news


Top students information

Teacher information

Communicate Student/Parent
with School by message


Company about
RS 2,999 1 Year
Personal Assistant
  • Create Group
  • Manage Contact
  • Daily Task
  • Reminder
  • Expanses
  • Income
RS 5,499 1 Year
Office management
  • Manage Enquiries/Leads
  • Manage Reminder
  • Manage Students
  • Manage Courses
  • Inventory
  • Reports
RS 29,999 1 Year
School Management
  • Student Master
  • Attendance
  • Fees Record
  • Exam & Result
  • SMS System
  • L.C / Bonafide

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